We love all things woo-woo. We also love learning about them in a fun, modern, digestible way. That's why we love hosting events at the studio that have included new moon circles, reiki healing, astrology workshops, numerology workshops, tarot, and crystal workshops to name a few of our faves. We make it a point to partner with incredible, passionate, and fun educators (both in and out of state) for a badass experience.


Want to host an intimate night of yoga, meditation, or even your own workshop in our space? We do that too. Please email to further connect!



Hosting community driven events are our jam. Past events include...

The incredible ladies of the Almost 30 Podcast (based in LA) for their first out of state meet up with over 50 women. In March of this year we also hosted one of our favorite LA based wellness companies called Oh Holisticism for an awesome reiki workshop.

We love local and we especially love our community of other local, small business owners. For that reason, we've partnered in the past on a few different community events with rad small businesses like Kaleidescope Juice, First Place Coffee & Bear And The Honey.